Masterclass on Menopause

Welcome to your Masterclass on Menopause

  • Have we got menopause management all wrong?
  • Why is it that many women around the world DON’T get the symptoms and on-going health problems that can throw some of us into worsening health as we age?

These were the questions I became curious about as I undertook my doctoral studies on women’s healthy ageing. It’s why I have this Masterclass on Menopause for you. I want you to understand what’s really going on with our symptoms at this critical time of our lives. 

If menopause has blind-sided you as it did me, or you are confused about what is happening with your body and your health in your 50s and 60’s, then you aren’t alone. For decades menopause has not been talked about but this has to change.

Millions of women experience poor sleep, hot flushes, night sweats, sore joints, high blood pressure, ever increasing weight, depression, anxiety or lack of energy. But there are also many who don’t.  

Why is this? That’s what intrigued me and that is what this webinar is about.  It’s the information I wish I had when I first went into menopause.  

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What I discovered astounded me. And it’s why I now understand that our symptoms are just being looked at by health specialists in isolation. The big picture of how our hormones balance themselves is not being factored in. Nor is our lifestyle.

In my seminars I often say that women in their 50s are the forgotten generation and that while we were promised we would get to 50 and feel fabulous, the opposite is often true. What’s worse, it seems that nobody wants to talk about what we really need to be doing to prevent or reverse our symptoms which can catapult us into our unhealthy ageing – and yes, our mothers’ generation have already discovered this too. 

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) and I am on a mission to educate women about what menopause is and what it means for us.  So if you feel confused and frustrated by your new 50s ‘normal’ and don’t understand what’s happening, then please ‘listen up.’ 

I’ve been teaching my live Masterclass on Menopause seminars around the world but I can’t be everywhere!  So, I’ve made an online version for you to listen to. It’s only 30 minutes long, so find somewhere quiet and have a listen.

When you do, you’ll discover how my research into women’s healthy ageing led me down the rabbit-hole of our menopause transition. You will discover why your symptoms are creating chaos with your mood, motivation, exercise tolerance, weight management and more.

Most importantly though, I want to open up your mind to the possibility of a menopause transition that enables you to feel energetic and vibrant. And don’t worry, if you are in post-menopause and still having symptoms, then it’s not too late for you to take control of your symptoms with specific lifestyle changes which I’ve researched. These enable your body to re-balance itself to match your ‘new-normal’ hormonal environment as you age.

Thousands of women now understand that doing this is more powerful for managing our symptom chaos in menopause, than we are led to believe.

This short webinar provides a fabulous insight into what is going on with our biology in menopause. I can’t wait to share my discoveries about menopause and why this is the essential gateway into good health as we age, with you too.

And remember, if you haven’t already done so, take my Menopause Symptoms Quiz as well. 


It’s not too late to start!

Women everywhere are experiencing their menopause transformation.​ ​Is it time you did too?

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